Wiggling Worms

Being a boy-mom means you’d better learn to laugh at the unexpected.

Earlier this spring my 2-year-old ate a worm! I came outside just in time to witness the last wiggle of a brown earthworm destined for my son’s innards.

I asked him why he would eat a worm? Enthusiastically, he flapped his arms and cawed. Of course I doubled over in laughter. Who wouldn’t laugh realizing their child wants to be a bird so much so he’d taste test a worm?

The problem with my reaction was he quickly picked up another worm to eat. So I had to spend 20 minutes explaining why we don’t eat worms. This I noted was something I never thought I’d be doing as a parent!

That night he got a belly ache probably not worm related, but I used the opportunity to reinforce humans don’t eat worms. I also ordered Yucky Worm by Vivian French. It’s a delightful book perfect for preschoolers who are enthralled with worms. I certainly learned a few new facts!

Finally, I am happy to report he doesn’t seem to be eating any more worms, but he still loves “keeping” them in his pockets, making laundry time a little more exciting.


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