Shaving with Baby

I am a self described morning person. My grandfather says anything you are going to accomplish in a day will be done before noon. I find it oddly true. Heck many of these articles have been drafted at 3am!

But like all people, sometimes I wake up crabby. I try not to because it seems to set a tone with the boys and the morning becomes very loud. (Me, yelling, too much.) It’s hard to avoid when morning crashes on me after a night that felt more like third shift than rest.

After one of these third shift mornings when I was all sorts of un-caffeinated crazy-crabby, boy #1 managed to turn my whole day upside right.

With his loud voice he announce he would be shaving after brushing his teeth. He used a toy razor from the pile bathtub toys. After shaving, and this is the part that grew my grouchy-filled heart 3 sizes, he made his second announcement that he also needed to tuck his baby doll in before preschool.

Shaving and taking care of his baby! Suddenly I had a glimpse of him as a father, decades from now, and he is wonderful. Heart happy! 

Does your son have a doll?

My husband takes the boys to choose their doll. Boy #1 loves his doll and sleeps with it every night. Boy #2 is less interested. Boy #3 is still a baby himself.

I didn’t think a boy having a doll was controversial anymore? I’ve been taken aback when I met other moms who worry a baby doll will make their son less masculine. Yet, simultaneously so proud of how gentle and doting their husbands are as a father. The doll aversion is even more surprising given it’s more likely their little boy will grow up to be a father than a storm trooper.

I do know that our economy will continue to be complex and couples will need to know how to jump in and out of both professional and domestic roles. It seems practical to encourage my sons play at being a dad.

Girls are encouraged to play at everything today. Play sports, play superhero, play scientist, or play family is all socially acceptable and encouraged for girls. But boys still have a narrow definition of boyhood.

Just like girls, boys need to play at the breadth of human experience and not only those pieces deemed masculine. Otherwise, I think, there will be a steady stream of men who are threatened when a woman steps too far into their masculine world. Because what are they left with?

For now, though, I know it’s cheery and heart warming to wake up to the sounds of little boys happily playing imaginary family.


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